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Charms are inspiring!  It is a challenge to have a pack of assorted 5" squares in your hands.  One book started out as a handful of simple ideas in my shop to promote these bundles and soon it took on a life of it's own.  After sketching and piecing almost 40 designs in 3 weeks, it became apparent some organization was required - thus a book was born (actually - 5 books, a pattern and a whole new addition to my business.  We will soon have 7 published books with 4 more in the works).

5" Charm Packs were first dreamed up at Moda and include one 5" block of each fabric in an entire line or group.  For example: Moda's Holly Taylor line:  Frosted Memories contains 35-5" Charms.  While this was a great tool to show off fabrics in a line, it is even better if you can actually make something out of them.  Minnesota Charms offers ideas for a broad assortment of projects including placemats, table runners, table toppers, pillows and small to large bed quilts.  We have even thrown in a few ideas on Moda's newest brainstorm: Jelly Rolls!  (I feel another book coming on!).

Jelly Rolls are 2 1/2" wide Width of Fabric (WOF) strips.  Again, they are all from the same fabric line, but this time have a set amount (40 strips or approximately 1800 inches) per bundle. If a line contains less than 40 designs/colors in its assortment, designs are doubled up to reach 40, and if there are more than 40 designs, 40 are handpicked to be included in the Jelly Roll.  While charms have assorted prices ($5.00-$12.00) based on the number of charms, Jelly Rolls are $35.00 for the assortment of 40 strips.

Moda Layer Cakes (TM) were new at Fall 2007 Quilt Market.  Moda has done it again!!  Moda Layer Cakes are 10" squares, coordinated in the same way as Jelly Rolls.  Each pack contains 40 squares from a fabric line and they sell for $35.00.  Look for a whole new set of books and patterns with this concept.  They are great for combining with either Jelly Rolls and Charms or using all three.

Layers of Charm (kits) -- created by Hingeley Road Quilt Designs and Minnesota Charms for our shop:  Hingeley Road Quilt Shop. The concept is 1 charm pack (48 charms), 1 layer cake (40 slices) and 3 yards of fabric (border and binding) make any one of 14 quilts in our book:  Layers of Charm.  Go Wild--any coordinated kit makes any quilt in the book--no worries over light vs dark, pattern scale or color placement.

Layers of Charm Plus 1 (kits) --also created by Hingeley Road Quilt Designs and Minnesota Charms for our shop:  Hingeley Road Quilt Shop.  This is the same concept as Layers of Charm-- 1 charm pack, 1 layer cake and 3 yards of fabric, but this time you add 1 yard of contrast fabric and the 3 yards could also be a background fabric.  12 fresh new quilt patterns with lots of cutting and fabric yield information.

Layers of Charm by Half---use 10 half yard pieces for the Layers of Charm concept, cut your own charms and layer cakes for a less scrappy, more coordinated look.  Works for either Layers of Charm or Layers of Charm Plus 1.  Simply choose 10--1/2 yards and (1 yard contrast) 3 yards background/border/binding.

Cake Mixes are another of our creations--a variation of layer cakes--we have Accuquilt cut our own 42 piece assortment of 10" squares by theme to use with our books or your projects. 42 slices may be arranged 6 across by 7 down for a 57" x 66 1/2" quilt top--just add borders.

Short Cakes are a "lighter" version of Layer Cakes and Cake Mixes and contain 20 Accuquilt cut-- 10" squares for smaller projects or more novelty fabric combinations.  They can also be arranged 4 across by 5 down for a small quilt.

Baby Cakes are Minnesota Charms/Hingeley Road Quilt Shops new kits featuring 20 Accuquilt cut layer cake slices, border/binding and pattern for a quick and easy quilt top.  Back with less than 2 yards of Minkee Blankee and any baby would be cozy and cuddly.

Moda Honey Buns, New Spring 2009.  40 piece sets of 1 1/2" x width of fabric strips from a complete fabric line and are approximately 1800" in length and over 1 1/2 yards of fabric.   These are great little additions to small projects or combine with the larger precuts.

Moda Turnovers, New Spring 2009.  80 piece Sets of 6 inch triangles for piecing with all the other precuts or on their own.  To Quote Moda " Charmly Perfect--Flip, sew and you're done.  Join 2 triangles to make a half square triangle block 5" with seams".  An 80 piece turnover yields 40 squares for approximately 30" x 30".

Bali Pops are from Hoffman this season.  They are 2 1/2" (jelly roll) strips in Novelty Batik Prints.   They are grouped by color story and included 40 pieces in a set.

Hoffman has now added Bali Crackers (10" squares) and Bali Snaps (5" squares).

Twice The Charm is from RJR and are rolls of 5 1/2" wide strips that are 22" long (from selvage to center fold).  They come in assorted quantities based on the size of a group.

Please view the Charm Tips page for cutting instructions and fabric yields on all of these precut options.

Thank You very much for viewing our website and products - I hope you are as inspired as I am with Charms, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Honey Buns, Turnovers, , Bali Pops, Bali Snaps, Bali Crackers and Layers of Charm Quilt Kits!   Watch for ideas to keep flowing and see our Tips section for a free pattern download and some basic math on arranging CHARMS and the other precuts.


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